Some of the largest industries and companies rely on motorized valves for a diverse range of applications. piezoelectric valves used in industrial applicationsIndustrial applications such as instrumental and lab analysis equipment, semiconductor, automation, and more have tendency to utilize valves based on conventional electromagnetic motors, despite the often bulky, slow responding, and inefficient performance they provide as a solution.

Piezo Motion has collaborated with a range of customers to develop customized motorized piezoelectric valves, based on Piezo Motion’s piezoelectric motor technology and designs. These valves from Piezo Motion have been shown to provide a superior alternative to comparable conventional electromagnetic valves because they react faster and are more precise. Click here for further information.

Miniature Robotic System for MICROMACHINING

& PRECISE Positioning

Piezo Motion’s novel lightweight piezo motors can be configured to form highly precise miniature nano-positioning and robotic systems. For example, Piezo Motion’s miniature linear piezo motor (LPM-2M) can be combined together in X-Y-Z configuration to form a unique and highly accurate 3D positioning. Piezo Motion’s rotary motors are easily configurable as precise rotary stages/actuators offering single arcsec resolution and ultrafast response time.



Accurate angular positioning is extremely important in many fields including: optics, photonics, and life sciences labs. Currently all commercial rotary positioning stages fall into one of three main classes depending on motor type: stepper motor, vector motor or DC servo-motor. Piezo Motion’s newly developed precision piezoelectric rotary stage (PRS-1) is a unique software-controlled rotary stage incorporating a proprietary direct-drive motor coupling mechanism. The PRS-1 does not use a conventional electromagnetic motor; instead it uses an advanced piezoelectric actuator under direct digital signal processor (DSP) control. The result is a superior rotary stage that eliminates the well known disadvantages of all previous rotary stage technology, while at the same time providing other intrinsic advantages. Click here for further information.

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