Micro Dosing Pumps

Multiple Operational Modes

The MD-444 includes a convenient programmable microcomputer with 7" touch-screen display for programming and control of multiple operational modes:

MANUAL MODE - Pump control is manual using software buttons to either pump or suck fluids.

CONTINUOUS MODE - Pump functions in a similar manner to a precise peristaltic pump, enabling ultra- smooth flow of fluids. User can set desired parameters such as, flow rate, volume and duration.

PULSE MODE - Pump functions as a rapid dosing pump.  User can enter discrete dose volume (e.g. 2 µl), number of doses and frequency. The precise dose is then delivered within 5-7 ms.

INJECTION MODE - Pump functions as fast micro-injector. User can enter injection duration, number of injections and duration between injections. The maximum flow rate achieved within 1 ms is 500 ml/hr.

SCANNING MODE - Pump functions as a rapid mixing pump automatically cycling between pump and suction enabling small volumes of fluids to be conveniently mixed. User can enter the volume and the number of mixing repetitions.

CUSTOM MODE - provides unlimited programmable control of all pump functions utilizing Piezo Motion’s freely available Python API. This mode enables users to implement their own fluid delivery algorithms.

The MD-444 is available in either a durable light weight reinforced thermoplastic or chemically resistant 316 stainless steel enclosure.

Micropump Specifications

Micropump Specifications 
Mode of OperationMultiple
Minimum Flow Rate30 µl/hr
Maximum Flow Rate300 ml/hr
Volume per 360° rotation50 µl
Minimum delivered volume*1.6 nl (1.6 x10-9 L)
Reverse time of flow< 1ms
Maximum Pressure48 kPa (7.0 psi)
Tubing TypeSilicone
Tubing Dimensions3.0 (O.D.) X 1.5 mm (I.D.) X 75 (L)
Power0.5 to 4.5 W 12V DC
Pump Stainless Steel Dimensions162 X 111 X 87.50 (mm)
Pump Molded Housing Dimensions166 X 114 X 90 (mm)
Controller Dimensions222 X 188 X 95 (mm)

Micro Dosing Pump

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